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I think of the ocean as a beautiful metaphor for life, especially the giant waves. That is, we can choose to avoid the large waves or the entire ocean altogether; or we can choose to allow ourselves to be thrown around helplessly by these great forces of nature; or we can choose to persevere and learn to harness the immense power of these waves as we ride them out and gain unforgettable experiences.
  • Registered psychologist trained in and utilizing eight orientations/therapies: cognitive-behavioural (CBT), psychodynamic, acceptance (and commitment to change), humanistic/client centred, emotion focused, interpersonal (IPT), object-relations, and process experiential.
  • Have been working with diverse group of clients/patients, ranging from late teens to seniors, in various hospitals and my private clinic since 1998.
  • Provide individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy.
  • Conduct psychological, personality, intelligence and parenting capacity assessments.
  • Recognized as expert witness in Ontario courts.
  • Have taught 20 different courses over 140 times at 5 universities.
  • Sought out for TV, radio, newspaper and internet interviews approximately once or twice per week.